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In boyfriend list above, you can see complete dating history of hot Gina Carano.

Other notable film appearances include Immortals and The Man from U. said on 14/Nov/[email protected] - Darth Vader is a very good example that height matters and size matters. Not every day just sometimes it comes to me when I see something weird. Now they explain the difference in Size in the way that Vader's Mechanical Legs added height, which ok in the Sci Fi world makes sense, but i still found it hard seeing Skinny Hayden taking the role.

It used to be a rule that State Troopers had to be minimum 6'2" for that very reason but they had to change the rule so that it wouldn't discriminate against women.

And for those who think 6'0" is still tall enough I can respect that but the fact that you say it's "tall enough" means you accept the reality that height matters in Superman's case.

The pair first started dating more than a year ago now, in September 2012, however, they split at the start of this year. Carano's new movie is about a wife who takes matters into her own hands when her husband disappears during their Caribbean honeymoon.

Reports at the time said the break up was amicable and that they remained good friends. Former MMA fighter, Carano is hoping to continue her rise in the film industry and wants to establish herself as an action film actress.

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