Who is dwight eubanks dating

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Dwight doing him and being himself is not making it harder for bisexual, gays or anyone else. April 06, 2009 PM I'll admit that I'm surprised at Dwight's upcoming marriage to a woman but that may say more about me than it says about him (or the woman).

Why should I care if you are bisexual thats your preference just like mine is to be mostly homosexual and someone elses is to be completely heterosexual. The bride-to-be certainly knows that Dwight is gay or bisexual (he is not on the DL, that's for sure) and is apparently OK with it. April 08, 2009 AM I dont see the problem with Dwight marrying a Woman, if its for the right reasons.

Everyone and their daddy are gay, gay, gay.)Here's how Wendy and Dwight broke it down.

Like many, they were happy, and felt like they had the whole world in front of them.

We had a forum on homosexuality and masculinity at Howard and several bi guys have talked about the shade they get from gay and straight communities.

We definitely need to work on that, and I think one thing is better understanding the nature of sexuality, if your gay or straight--because some gay people think in limited terms or paradigms about sexuality.

I think Dwight's comment speaks to the HATRED (yes, hatred) that many gay/bisexual men have for so-called "effeminate" gay men.

We know that a gay/bisexual man like Dwight is something like a pariah in black gay circles: he would not be considered "partner material" by most gay men BECAUSE of his so-called "effeminacy".

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This obsession with "masculinity" and thugism among gay men is demoralizing.