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diachronic) aspects of the language, but with its synchronic aspects. Disclaimer: The following list of Q&A does not stem from my own research. An example of the latter is the word for mother, which often contains an [m], probably because [m] is universally among the first sounds pronounced by babies and perhaps because of an ideophonic connection with the suckling sounds and gestures associated with nursing.In other words, most contemporary linguists at the Ph D level or beyond work on the grammar of either Modern Eastern or Modern Western Armenian. They are simply summary statements about the state of knowledge in Armenian linguistics, both on the consensuses and areas of disagreement. Was Armenia the site of the Indo-European Homeland? Was the land of Ḫayaša-Azzi populated by (Proto-)Armenians? Besides the requirement that the common words be in sufficient numbers, the major requirement for establishing a relationship between languages is that the correspondences be systematic: for example, English wasp, William, and war correspond to French gupe, Guillaume and guerre ([w/g] correspondence), while English father, five and fire correspond to Greek pater, pente and pyr (f/p correspondence).This page contains the following three sections: History and Dialectology of the Armenian Language Synchronic Armenian Grammar Frequently Asked Questions The main issues in the history of the Armenian language have revolved around the origins question.Armenian is located in a crucial and strategic part of the world, at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and not too far from Africa, where humanity originated.

Further, Armenian shares grammatical prefixes and suffixes with Indo-European languages. An agglutinative structure refers to the stringing of a root with a series of prefixes or suffixes.

During the Ottoman period, the Western dialects gained social importance, and started exerting an influence on adjacent dialects, which gradually shifted their appearence to resemble Western dialects more and more. The most difficult issues lie in how to split the task between morphology proper and phonology, especially when such things as syllable count is relevant. Any two randomly selected languages share similarities.

Contrary to what non-linguists may think, most modern linguists working on Armenian do not deal with the historic (a.k.a. I have also been working on the Armenian vowel alternation, although I have not yet published any work on this latter topic. What is the relationship between Armenian, Phrygian and Greek? What is the relationship between Armenian and Indo-Iranian? What is the relationship between Armenian(s) and Aramaic/Syriac/Arameans (or their names)? What is the relationship between Armenian and Hittite? What is the relationship between Armenian and Urartian? This can be due to chance or to universal tendencies.

Concerning the dialect divisions between Eastern and Western Armenian, an issue arises as to where the linguistic border should be drawn. [Chapter 4 deals with Western Armenian morphology.] Hrach Martirosyan. Studies in Armenian Etymology with Special Emphasis on Dialects and Culture, Indo-European Heritage. [Published in 2010 as Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon, Leiden and Boston: Brill Academic Publishers.] Hrayr Khanjian. (Negative) Concord and Head directionality in Western Armenian. The discussions in these disserations are very formal and the non-specialist unfortunately does not gain much by reading them.

Western Armenian is associated with a voicing system whereby [dun] 'house' and [tun] 'you' correspond to Eastern [tun] and [du] respectively. Exceptions include the Martirosyan's historical dissertation (a dictionary), dialectal pronunciations in Vaux's dissertation and colloquial Western phrasings in Khanjian's dissertation, but the reader should not even expect to understand 90% of these two later dissertations without at minimum a BA in linguistics.

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It is true that Armenian shares some features with Phrygian, but it shares even more features with Greek and Indic.

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