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Polycom phone updating initial configuration

You will need to ensure that the phone is getting the correct information for its DHCP INFORM requests as well.

So be sure to check your DHCP configuration for the subnets that the phones are deployed on (ie.

However, you can still have access to the web interface of the VVX phones by editing some configuration settings on the devices (usually done via a configuration FTP server).

So if you’re having some issues with a phone, just find the user in the Lync Polycom VVX Manager Tool and click the “Web Config” button.In addition to this you need to change the default password on the devices as to avoid errors/warnings popping up on the phone display and web interface (“Default admin password is in use, please contact your administrator”).These can be set here: After you have changed these settings the web login and phone screen login passwords will be changed.The tool uses the Test-Bootstrap command in the background to imitate the process of a Lync Optimised Phone connecting to the system.Part of this process is that the Lync server generates a DHCP Inform request from the Lync server and sends it out to discover the Vendor Class Options (Option 43), and SIP server Option (Option 120) which it will then use the results of to generate a PIN authentication with the system.

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One of the first rules of a good centralised management solution is how much information you can get out of a system without having to ask the end user over the phone to tell you something about what they are seeing.