Oracle if inserting or updating then Ucretsiz pornchat siteleri

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Oracle if inserting or updating then

TD_IDENTIFIER%type; BEGIN IF INSERTING or UPDATING then ... do something similar with the :old values for the deleting case end if; END; / Incidentally, it is generally helpfull if you tell us WHAT the error is, not just that you had one.I'm coding a Trigger to ensure only one type of money can be set as official.

Because the trigger uses the clause, it might be executed multiple times, such as when updating or deleting multiple rows.And of course the Oracle 11g Reference Doc for Triggers, I've gone over it but you can check it out yourself too. Each time a pledge payment is added, changed, or removed, the following information should be captured in a separate table: username, current date, action taken (INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE), and the idpay value for the payment record.Create a table named DD_PAYTRACK to hold this information.CREATE or REPLACE TRIGGER test001 AFTER INSERT OR UPDATE OR DELETE ON tabletest001 REFERENCING OLD AS old_buffer NEW AS new_buffer FOR EACH ROW WHEN (new_buffer.field1 = 'HBP00' OR old_buffer.field1 = 'HBP00') DECLARE Operation NUMBER; Customer Code CHAR(10 BYTE); BEGIN IF DELETING THEN Operation := 3; Customer Code := :old_buffer.field1; END IF; IF INSERTING THEN Operation := 1; Customer Code := :new_buffer.field1; END IF; IF UPDATING THEN Operation := 2; Customer Code := :new_buffer.field1; END IF; // DO SOMETHING ... This statement can be used with any interactive tool, such as SQL*Plus or Enterprise Manager.

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My intention is code a "BEFORE INSERT OR UPDATE" trigger.

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