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Of course, this rule of thumbdoesn’t necessarily applies toonline chats, since women feelsafe and are willing toact naughty.

Still, don’t actsexually aggressive until youknow her intentions.

If she onlywants to talk, this will still openthe path to get her to bedeventually.

Also, avoid pick-up lines unlessyou master the art of seduction.

The best time to takeaction The best time to begin arousingher is when you have beenspeaking with her for some time.

When this occurs, she is going tohave a particular level of comfort,allowing you to become moredaring in your attempts to getinto her pants.

It is preferableto wait a little longer than ruiningeverything for rushing things.

With enoughknowledge and practice, you willbe able to get any womaninto bed successfully.

Remember,using online chats as your firstpoint of contact is a great helper,and will get you half way in yourobjective of getting laid.i thought i was reading something until i got to the bottom of the pagethat was when i realised i was just scrolling down Chai see as i wasted my precious mb Op next time when u doin copy and paste, use ur backspace effectively, and try spacing and paragraphing ur write ups abeg seun cannot be held responsible for any eye defect... 73Disclaimer: Every Nairaland member is solely responsible for anything that he/she posts or uploads on Nairaland.

When meeting a woman for thefirst time, if you talk about sextoo soon she is going to panicand think you’re a depravedman.

Actually, most womencan’t stand men who are toosexually aggressive; this attitudeusually takes them outside oftheir comfort zone.


If you don’t do it right, then youwill definitely look phony.