Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

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Nwn2 updating journal after encounter

When creating a character, be sure to choose a race that will bolster the strengths of your chosen class.

An elf monk, for example, will have a great dexterity bonus, but at the cost of some hit points. It may be tempting to take a rogue level to get some extra points in the open lock skill or to take a fighter level to get all of the weapon and armor proficiencies for free.

Though Neverwinter Nights is a single-character game, you'll want to take a henchman along with you.But this may severely hinder your experience gain if you haven't planned ahead.Be sure you plan your character's progress from the beginning if you want to maximize his or her potential.As you acquire magic items, you'll have to make some decisions: Should you try to bolster all of your statistics to decent levels, or should you focus on bolstering one or two statistics to superhuman levels? A fighter with a high strength is exponentially better than a fighter with a good strength and a good charisma.A spellcaster with a high primary statistic will learn more spells, memorize more spells, and will get to cast higher-level spells.

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It will highlight anything you can use, talk to, pick up, or attack.

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