Maryse and miz dating 2016

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Maryse and miz dating 2016

Managing The Miz (2016-present) Maryse made her return to WWE on April 2016 during the match of her husband The Miz in which she helped him win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Since then she has accompanied Miz ringside and has helped him win many matches.

The Maryse first met her husband, The Miz during the 2006 WWE Diva Search.

After a year later, they began dating, and in February 2013, Miz proposed to her at the same place, where they first met on the Diva’s Search 6 years before.

Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendes will also not be a part of the main cast going forward.It marked the fifth Intercontinental Championship victory for The Miz.Maryse is now scheduled to be a part of the "Total Divas" cast for Season 6, according to Wrestling Personal Life The gorgeous Maryse married the wrestling superstar, and actor, The Miz on 20 February 2014 at the one and only Ocean Club in the Bahamas.Although the couple has no children yet, they said that they would soon like be the parents to one.

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