Devout christian dating atheist

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Devout christian dating atheist

But you touch on an issue which is probably hard for non-Christians to understand - what will life after death hold for a non-believer.I can only speak from the point of view of our own spiritual journey.

I tried to bargain with God, that I would live for him if he would get David to follow him too.

I love him completely but can a relationship like this really work?

Should I just respect his views and be content with having him for a lifetime only?

This Man in your life is no lesser a person because he chooses to not follow god. We both believe strongly in fairness & equality - i think it used to be called socialism but funnily enough you don't hear that word much nowadays - incidentally i think jesus was a bit of a socialist -Anyway despite all my faults which are documented elsewhere on this site, i believe respect for each other's beliefs/values is absolutely crucial in a relationship & if these beliefs & value are important to you some form of agreement is preferable. good luck & may your god bless you abundantly jack Marian, I am also an atheist, But I must say Always Green summed it up, If he is a good moral and loving man then I am sure he will go to heven, I dont knock anyones religion Live and let Live that's what I say, But like Helen rightly says the thing I see being a problem is having children what will you do then ?

He has to be a strong couragous Man to go through life not seeking advice from a higher being. for examp: I am a socialist & could never ever live with a conservative - doesn't make them bad people but i couldn't live with one - but then all sorts of people have all sorts of relationships so what i am really saying is "i haven't a bloody clue" but good luck to you whatever you decide. Please take on board if you are lucky enough to find a good man you should love and cherish him, Just because he does not beleive in god does not mean he won't go to heven surely god would except anyone that is a good person, And that's what you should be telling your self.

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