Dating service for librarians

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Dating service for librarians

In a computer search the first request often reveals that the database contains hundreds or even thousands of “hits,” or references relating to the topic requested.

If it has, the set of references or abstracts may then be obtained in the form of a printout; if it has not, the search begins again using new terms for the is one of the areas on which advancing technology has had the greatest impact.In many libraries, a variety of computer-based information retrieval systems provide ready access to details about off-site as well as on-site materials.Matching the terms used by a reader in posing a question to the terms used by authors, indexers, and catalogers may well constitute one of the subtlest of professional skills.The outcome of a search can take many forms, from a short, factual statement that gives the needed information to a short list of relevant references or a full-scale bibliography.

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All the early systems depended on the use of one or more cards on which were recorded the name of the book, the name of the borrower, and the date on which the book should be returned.

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