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Dating one2one

• What difference will being a Christian make to my life?

This one2one Bible-study guide is designed to help a teenage guy and an older man explore together what it means to grow into genuine Christian maturity.

You’ll be encouraged, inspired and challenged to think, speak and act as a real man… Have used this booklet several times as a mentoring aid and it has worked well even with those who are poor readers.

The variety of approaches has managed to hold the attention most of the time.

Its first project was providing emergency dental treatment in the prisons around Phnom Penh.

One-2-One was incorporated as a Charitable Trust in New Zealand in September 2009.

When Jesus Christ walked on earth, He called all sorts of men to follow Him—young and old, rich and poor, leaders and beggars.

He invited them to come on an adventure which would turn their lives into an exciting challenge. Through the 14 sessions in this step-by-step guide—seven done together, and seven on your own—you’ll discover from the book of Ephesians how to live as you were designed to.

They have no nutrtional educational background or even fitness professional qualifications, Scary!

Everyone wants the quick fix, to get rid of the weight gained over the years of an unhealthy lifestyle and with companies like Herbalife offering the holy grail and the body you have been dreaming of, people just get suckered in…

Ive already wrote about other diets such as lighterlife and Cambridge Diet, and with such a s choice of quick fix promised weight loss diets, its hard for people to say no.

Herbalife are now even tapping into the Fitness Game, office workers, dinner ladies, unemployed, unqualified people taking fitness sessions in parks across the UK, my own home town Swindon Ive seen unqualified people giing this sort of advice and take people with obesity problems, unfit people and train them with no knowledge of how the human body works, no understanding or qualifications to show knowledge of anatomy and physiology and train people on mass, these people will have no insurance that will cover any injury from training and advice.

You should always ask the person offering you nutritional and fitness advice what their qualifications are, and if they say they are qualified Herbalife Distrbutors or Lighterlife Distributors, this is just a smokescreen, they are not formal qualifications, they are not worth the paper they are writen on and they are not recognised by the fitness industry.

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