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In the end, the most is accomplished when old wounds are healed and new possibilities are given to the next generation, creating the kind of peace that can be enjoyed by the toughest of warriors. Featuring many headcanons, some mild bashing of the Cursed Child, and Mad-Eye the Ferret. This is the backdrop for the rest of the Fading Scars series--everything in this is canon for that. My parents came here for their honeymoon…it’s a really lovely place.” Harry scratched his head. Brilliant idea, Harry.” Harry gave him a grateful look. There’s some cool things to do at the hotel, and we can relax. “First their kid gets off with community service, now this! But thanks to ‘my worthless cousin’, they’d never been able to gain access. Taking a deep breath, Draco walked up the stairs and rang the bell. Do come in.” Draco walked inside, his eyes widening. Perhaps that was why he responded so enthusiastically to his mother’s hug. Charlie was lounging on the sofa, Victoire in his lap. “It didn’t seem that odd.” “We’re very happy for you two,” Arthur said. “It’s a girl.” That prompted another round of cries of delight. “Actually, Molly, we want to name her after you.” Everyone went silent except Victoire, who was still chanting, “baby, baby, baby,” on her mother’s lap. Dominique—Nicki when she got older— would eventually join her dad on his expeditions, but only sometimes. Whenever Mum and Dad were having an adult dinner she and Albus would go in James’ room, and James would use the tiny lights Dad gave them and make shadows on the wall.After all, the hardest fight of all is to make a world when the biggest problems are ones that are easy to solve. This one will be updated less frequently, as the entries will be longer and are more for interest's sake. “I thought it might be nice to go somewhere really posh together, especially after…” He winced, realizing that part of what had sparked the idea had been his argument with Ron. I’ve let everyone know that we won’t be able to be reached.” Hermione took Ron’s hand and started tugging him towards the door. ” The front desk required a bit of persuasion to believe that Harry was of age, but Hermione’s whispered spell finally convinced the woman, and she handed over the keys. I know Azkaban’s been demolished, but they’re not even getting prison time! He recognized the house-elf that answered—Creeper, wasn’t it? His mother had painted a picture of a house dripping with darkness, but this house was…honestly, quite cheerful. He was telling her stories, and she was beaming delightedly, blonde hair falling in her eyes. Percy managed to relax as he saw his family being genuinely happy and supportive of him. Afterwards he would blame himself for what happened next. She was searching for curses, and Dad was good at breaking them. Sometimes James would build little puppets, and sometimes Albus would just use his hands, but all three of them would tell a story together.“You go to Gringotts, and the goblins will do it for you. ” “I’ve got an idea for something to do with Ron and Hermione,” Harry explained. Harry grinned back at her, tossing Teddy in the air and catching him safely. I just have to promise not to go about unaccompanied.” “And you can manage that? ” “He’s…he’s happy.” Harry sat on the edge of the bed. ” One of the most surprising relationships to come out of the war, Harry reflected. And I thought the three of us could go somewhere.” “Where? Ron looked around curiously, still baffled by the bright, blinking, electronic displays. He picked up his mug, and after a moment’s hesitation, Draco copied him. He had more hair now, a few small red curls, and his blue eyes were brighter now. “There’s been lots of babies around lately, and more on the way.” He indicated Fleur’s growing stomach. They stopped being calm when they found out Freddie Weasley was in Slytherin. He didn’t even wobble when he landed on the carpet. They stood together for a few minutes, talking quietly. The deep attention to detail startled his viewers; they saw things in his work they’ would never have noticed themselves. His parents would have bought anything he needed or wanted, but Hugo insisted from the age of six that he could pay himself.“It needs Muggle money for it.” “Well, they’re all repaired now. ” “I’ll have to try, or I’m not going to have much money.” After putting Teddy in his cot, Harry hugged Andromeda goodbye and headed outside. “You could live in a hotel for the rest of your life.” Harry grinned back. He’d gotten those eyes from his Uncle Ron…and from Percy. “We’re not entirely sure that he does,” Ginny said honestly. “I thought it might be useful to know something about how babies work.” Of course he knew some of this because of what Audrey had told him last week. Thankfully supper was ready, and they squeezed into the still too-small kitchen. Hope the little tyke’s feeling better.” “If you’re going to leave soon,” Audrey volunteered, “maybe we should tell our news now, Perce.” Percy swallowed hard as the conversation died down and his family’s eyes turned towards him. George nearly shouted himself hoarse arguing with Angelina that day. “Emergencies with my mother-in-law are a dime a dozen. Harry kept drinking his Butterbeer to make sure that he wasn’t expected to speak much. So he got an allowance from tugging weeds in the garden with Daddy and helping Mummy organize the bookshelf a new way every month.No country has tested my patience quite like Egypt did.It was a balmy 115 degrees in Egypt when we stepped off the overnight train in downtown Luxor.

He kept calling out to us, trying to hawk a ride on his caleche. Even looking back now I don’t think I could have worn pants again. Don’t be afraid to make a big old scene because I can tell you ignoring does NOT always work. Also, be careful with the street food and don’t walk to Karnak temple. In all seriousness, it’s important to respect the culture of the country you are traveling too, and the day women wear a dress like mine in Egypt will be the day King Tut’s mummy comes back alive.Gritting his teeth, he concentrated on Diagon Alley, and the new Gringotts front, and spun. He’d never really been concerned about money in the wizarding world, but in the Muggle world… “Excellent.” **************************** A couple of errands and one Apparition trip later, and he was back at the Burrow. ” Ron had Hermione cuddled against his side, but they were both reading; Hermione a Transfiguration book, Ron the Auror’s manual. They were due to start the week after school began, but Harry was still surprised that Ron was still reading it so early. Harry and Ginny looked exhausted, but they were calm. He reached up and put his hand on Jamie’s back, patting gently. “We’ve started sleeping in there with him and I’ve woken up a couple of times and he’s awake looking at the mobile[1] or chewing on his bear.” “Perhaps he’s simply engaged enough and not hungry,” Percy suggested. But that had been a refresher from when he was eleven and bored and wanted to look up how to take care of a baby. “We’ll have to renovate once all the babies start growing up,” Mum exclaimed as she pulled Victoire onto her lap. ” “Freddie’s teething,” George said with a grimace, “and he’s got a fever. She was panicking, terribly worried that they’d done something wrong. The statistics for Death Eaters was overwhelmingly Slytherin. Astoria’s had an emergency with her mum.” “Is she alright? I believe this time it has to do with the sale of some paintings. He was missing his sons badly now, and he wished that Hogwarts wasn’t quite so far away. Then he would look up the best possible supplies he could get for his money, and Mummy would Apparate with him to London after work and he would carefully pick out every last piece. He wanted Hermione to be properly surprised, before she figured it out.With a pop, he Apparated just on the Gringotts step. He was technically supposed to be living at Grimmauld Place, but Kreacher had enlisted several other house elves and was cleaning out the house top to bottom. He read in the darker corners of the Hogwarts library and never signed a single book out and learned that no one seemed to agree on how to do it. Angie and I are going to have to leave soon; Lee’s a saint but I don’t feel right leaving him more than an hour, especially with Roxy too. She loved her son—loved him deep and strong—but would he survive Slytherin? And even if he belonged in Slytherin…what if the others, offspring of old pureblood families, didn’t agree? It was a lot of numbers, a lot of sifting through stories. Did people with red hair really have worse tempers? It understood that knowledge seekers aren’t always passionate about learning. They could see James in a month in Hogsmeade, but that was only if James wanted them to come… Hugo got in trouble a few times at school for not turning in his work on time, but his teachers learned that it might be late but it was brilliant work, nearly as brilliant as his art. It’s…well, you’re Harry Potter.” “I noticed that.” Ginny didn’t even hit him. “I’ll tell you in a minute.” The door (thankfully) opened into a hall, so Hermione couldn’t see that there was no furniture in the main room—nor, indeed, any furniture at all in the house. Up the stairs they went, then down a hallway to a closed door. “Is this…” “Open the door first, darling.” Hermione went in. Bill had helped him build the shelves, but the design of the room was his idea—the magic books sorted by subject then by size, the way she did it at home, the Muggle books by author.As we literally tried to run from him, I heard him yell to me, “hey blondie, nice ass! At this point I lost it; I was sick and tired of being made to feel cheap and dirty 24/7. I can put up with so much when I am traveling but that hot afternoon in Egypt, I couldn’t take another minute of the hassling. Let’s not forget the happy go lucky, ever-present Egyptians who are more than willing to put in their two cents. I will add that I was just as harassed wearing khaki pants and long sleeve botton-ups as I was when I wore a dress.Imagine 5 days of constantly being stared at, propositioned and proposed to, and being swindled out of every dime I had. It didn’t help that it was so hot sweat was pouring in my eyes, ruining my make-up and making me look like some crazed panda on steroids. I am not getting in your damn caleche, go harass some other tourists you misogynistic pig! In the midst of our fight, we realized a circle literally had been formed around us of all the local caleche drivers and touts, and at about every 30 seconds or so, someone would interject something into our argument, like “don’t be angry, you’re in Egypt, be happy! I give you good price.” Eventually, we cried, we hugged, we made up and even let 9 year old Ali let us drive us around the block in his carriage for five bucks for god measure. Did I mention that there were virtually no tourists in Egypt when we were there because everyone was afraid they would get tear gassed and caught up in another revolution? Times need to change, and Egyptian women will be the first to say it.

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All I wanted to do was visit some temples in peace, is that asking too much? “F*** you, who do you think you are to talk to me like that? ” I then proceeded to go on a mini-tirade about how just because I’m wearing a dress doesn’t mean men can speak like that to women no matter where in the world I was, full-on all feminist women’s college rant, Mount Holyoke would be proud. Since neither of us could keep any food down thanks to the ever present third world stomach bug owing to our penchant for eating street food in Egypt, I had to assume something was on her mind. This meant that for the next 4 days we were in Luxor, everyone remembered us and knew who we were and weren’t afraid to yell out “hey Barbie, you look happier now, no crying! I was disgusted by the way I was spoken to in my two weeks I was there, and it negatively impacted my opinion of a country that I otherwise loved.