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Asian professional dating service

Also, Chinese and Japanese share the highest proportion among all groups in the "Legal and Financial Servies" occupations.

Filipinos have the highest proportion of those in the "Medical/Healthcare Professionals" categories while Japanese have the highest proportion in the "Education, Media, & Community Services" occupations.

Social scientists have described how the American economy has undergone a "deindustrialization" in the last few decades from one based on manufacturing to one centered around technological innovation, information management, and services. That is, there has been an expansion in the number of jobs at the top, within "information-intensive" sectors, and that require high levels of education and job skills and that pay very well -- jobs that many Asian Americans have successfully landed.

Within this context, many scholars also note that the U. At the same time, there has also been a proliferation of jobs at the bottom that are relatively low-paying, unstable, and require little education or skills.

In response, many Asian small business owners have made concerted efforts to address these complaints and reach out more to their communities in order to improve relations. The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act finally made it illegal to discriminate against someone based on race or ethnicity, which removed legal barriers to employment opportunities for Asian Americans.

While a large proportion of Asian Americans are self-employed, most are conventional employees in the U. Reflecting the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic diversity of the Asian American population, contemporary Asian Americans also have different employment and occupational mobility patterns as well.

Inside these early Chinatowns, the tradition of small business ownership developed as many Chinese provided services to other Chinese and increasingly, to non-Chinese, such as restaurants, laundry, and merchandise retailers. The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act led to the immigration of millions of Asians into the U. and also resulted in the growth of Asian ethnic enclaves in numerous metropolitan areas around the U. These two developments have led to a resurgence of self-employment among many Asian Americans.

The phenomenon of self-employment has been a prominent mode of work for many Asian Americans, starting with the first Asian immigrants into the U. Scholars have described four general reasons why Asian Americans are likely to become self-employed, all of which can overlap with each other.

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In the early era of Asian American history, the Gold Rush was one of the strongest pull factors that led many Chinese to come to the U. to find their fortune and return home rich and wealthy.

In addition, many Chinese (and later other Asian groups as well) also came to Hawai'i as contract laborers to work in sugarcane plantations.

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These theories are described in more detail in the article on Asian Small Businesses.

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