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Martin Luther wrote in his explanation to the Fourth Commandment, "..distinguishes father and mother above all other persons on earth, and places them next to himself" (Luther's Large Catechism).Parents are, therefore, charged with acting for God, right below God.

Two people are drawn together to share time, experiences and each other in the quest to satisfy "the need to know." The challenge for Christian parents is "how can we continue to provide for the needed supervision and guidance for our children within the confines of our cultural settings? First dates were events and normally both parties treated them as something special.Many teens enjoy "going out" with a group of friendsl Hanging out at a friend's house and watching videos or talking, going to the mall, whatever the event it is often done as a group of teens who are friends, not couples.Invariably, over time, teens within the group will pair up and begin seeing each other outside the group setting as well.God expects parents to take the reins when it comes to parenting.Parents are God's representatives here on earth, and, as such, are afforded by Him great responsibility.

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Regrettably or not, these experiences of yesterday's youth may be permanently archived in some remote cranial recess, never to be relived or eagerly shared with a son or daughter. Just as at one time couples were betrothed without the benefit of formal introductions as we knew them.

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