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FYI - She has always refused to drink from a bottle.She will now drink one sip at a time from a sippy cup, but not enough for a full feeding.(Not just a little spit-up but a LOT of milk.) But this soon got better, and she almost never gags during breastfeeding now.She used to gag herself with anything she put in her mouth (e.g., teething toys, stuffed animals, baby spoons).This reaction, called the extrusion reflex, is essential for breast-feeding and bottle-feeding, and it indicates that infants can swallow only liquids.

So she often sat in her high chair with us a dinner without eating. But then she would throw up all over the herself and the high chair, and I'd say "forget this! She now eats a variety of pureed baby foods, although if you watch closely you realize that she still gags several times per feeding but usually recovers quickly.

Sometimes she gags but recovers and manages to mush it up a little bit and swallow it. And sometimes she gags and then throws up everything already in her stomach.

She does better with things that dissolve quicker like rice puffs, but still doesn't want to pick them up and feed them to herself.

3) How do babies lose their gag reflex -- is it just a matter of time (neurological development) or does it take practice?

"Before they're 3 to 4 months old, babies automatically push out their tongues when anything enters their mouths.

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) rather than put that one piece of cereal in her mouth.

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